School of Law

Bachelor of Laws

(Offered at Parklands, Mombasa, and Kisumu Campuses)

Minimum Admission Requirements:

1.      Applicants must satisfy the minimum University entry requirements

2.      Subject to the above regulation, an applicant shall be eligible for admission if he/she meets  any of the following minimum qualifications:

a)      A degree in any field from a university recognized by Senate.

b)      A Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education KACE or its equivalent from an institution recognized by Senate with at least TWO PRINCIPLE passes and  a SUBSIDIARY pass in General Paper; and CREDIT 4 in English at O LEVEL

c)      KCSE certificate or its equivalent recognized by Senate with a mean grade of C+ and a minimum grade B in English or Kiswahili at KCSE.

d)     A relevant diploma with a credit pass from an institution recognized by Senate and a mean grade of C in KCSE with a minimum grade B  in English or Kiswahili. (the diploma should be of a minimum duration of 2 academic years.)

e)      A qualification equivalent to that in (a), (b), (c) or (d) as determined by Senate.