With specializations in the following fields:-

(i)         Radio Production

(ii)        Television Production

(iii)             Film Production         

This programme prepares students for careers in professional and technical broadcast production including; production management; specialists in movie production; specialists in movie camera operations and sound operations in production; screenplay writing; scriptwriting; movie directing; production of specialized drama formats; executive production; creative writing for production: documentary production in radio; television and film.

 Minimum Admission Requirements:

KCSE (C+); or KCSE with a C(plain) or KCE Division II plus a Diploma (Distinction/Credit) or equivalent; or KCSE with a C- or KCE Division III plus a Certificate and Diploma (Distinction/Credit) or equivalent; or A Level (2 Principal passes and 1 subsidiary pass) or equivalent.  In each of the above cases applicants must have a minimum of C+/Credit in English or Kiswahili.