Admission Requirements

 i)                    Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)

Applicants must have obtained an average cluster weight of B- in the subjects   shown below provided that no subject in this cluster shall have a grade below




Ø  Biology

Ø  Biological Sciences

Ø  Chemistry

Ø  Physical Sciences

Ø  Physics/Mathematics

Ø  Mathematics

Ø  English/Kiswahili

Ø  English/Kiswahili


ii)                  Advanced Level Certificate:

TWO Principal passes – one in Biology and the other in Chemistry – and at least ONE Subsidiary pass in Physics or Mathematics.


        (iii)  Diploma in Biological Sciences

              A minimum O level Division II KCE with credit passes in the following subjects:

             - Biology

             - Chemistry

             - Physics/Mathematics

                    OR                                          OR

             - Biology                                        Biological Sciences

- Physics with chemistry                Physical Sciences

             - Mathematics                                Mathematics


            C mean grade in KCSE with an average cluster weight  of 32 points in relevant  

            subjects as shown in (i) above, in addition to credit pass in the following

            qualifications from the Kenya Medical Training College or any other recognized    training institution.

                        Diploma in

              . Pharmaceutical Technology

              . Laboratory Technology

              . Clinical Medicine

              . Radiology

              . Basic and/or Advanced Nursing

              . Public Health/Environment Health

              . Dental Sciences

 (iv)    Holders of any degree in Biological Sciences from the  University of Nairobi or

         equivalent qualifications from a recognized University.

(v)     Holders of other qualifications deemed to be equivalent to  (i-iv) mentioned


(vi)  Applicants from non-English speaking countries must sit and  pass English 

        assessment examination set and administered by institutions recognized by

        University of Nairobi Senate.